Picture of Drake


Picture of Drake

Hi there! My name is Drake, and I'm a musician and artist with over a decade of programming experience. I love to explore the intersection of tech, art, and music, and am always trying to find unique ways to combine them. In my free time I enjoy deep diving into the fascinating intricacies of generative art and experimenting with music technology; this has allowed me to expand my skills beyond traditional software engineering and it's these hobbies that really keep me motivated and inspired in my work.

In my day-to-day life I strive to remain genuine and approachable, and to foster meaningful relationships with those around me. I aim to output high-quality work, share knowledge, and learn from others. I'm excited by new challenges and am consistently eager to expand my abilities as a programmer and as a person.

Thank you for visiting, and please check out some of my programming projects down below!


My latest projects using TouchDesigner and Python
(Note: some contain audio)


If you feel so inclined, send me a message!